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Date: 14.02.2013
From: Andrea

Subject: Psoriatic arthritis and DLA

Hi i was diagnosed with PA and spondylitis 3years ago
I take sulfasalazine and methotrexate but neither have helped I am currently awaiting my next appointment with the consultant to review my medication.
Has anyone else taken these and found that they haven't helped?
Is there anything else that works?
I have also applied for DLA and been refused but I am appealing and going to tribunal in march everyone else I know with this condition gets it can anyone give me any advice or share their experiences?
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Date: 26.02.2013
From: Margaret

Subject: Re: Psoriatic arthritis and DLA

Sorry Andrea I also have PA had to have a full hip replacement in April last year. I had been granted mobility DLA which wasn't much but meant people could travel with me to shops etc I live in a remote area, they took it off me in October I argued against it but it didn't help, I can now only work part time and money as you can imagine is tight. It was my own fault for being so honest as I do have good days and I said so. First rule always give worst case senario never say you can walk if on bad days you can't tell them what it's like when you stand up or sit down(for me it is agony) these people don't understand you have to spell it out for them. Good Luck lets us all know how you get on.
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Date: 26.02.2013
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Psoriatic arthritis and DLA

Hi Andrea, you could try going to CAB to get help with the form.
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