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Date: 04.02.2013
From: Keith

Subject: Hip Rthritis and Psoriasis on shins only.

Hello, I'm a visitor to this forum and just wanted to ask if anyone thinks there is a connection with my hip osteoarthritis and my psoriasis.
I'm 45 yeras old and had a hip replacement 2 years ago...... I first got psoriasis about 20 years ago.
My good hip has just started giving me gyp even though the x-rays showed no deterioration after my replacement surgery.
Also..... does a fast drop in atmospheric pressure aggravate your arthritis?
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Date: 04.02.2013
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Hip Rthritis and Psoriasis on shins only.

Hi Keith, OA as far as I know is nothing to do with psoriasis. This goes hand in hand with PA.
I am sure if I am wrong some one will let you know. OA is degenative not auto immune.
Have you been tested for PA.
Sometimes you can get what they call deferred pain if maybe your posture is not good. I find when my back is sever I walk with a gaite and this makes my hip hurt.
It is true that a fast drop in atmopheric aggravate most arthrits wether it be RA PA or OA.
Can I say welcome to the forum every one on here is very supportive and understand fully the down side of any arthritis.
You take care.
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Date: 04.02.2013
From: Sean

Subject: Re: Hip Rthritis and Psoriasis on shins only.

Hi Keith

When I had my first X-rays at 19 they said there was some signs of osteoarthritis. I was eventually diagnosed with non-specific arthritis and then with AS - I have not had psoriasis exactly but have been to the doctor with very scaly skin on my back / buttocks and shins (which I still get from time to time when I have milk)..

My dad has AS and has been hospitalised with infected cracked skin from eczema on his face.

Based in my own experience - My view is that diagnosis is a convenient label that best describes most of our symptoms.

I have read that weather changes affect bacteria (especially in the sinuses) - which links to the fact that psoriatic arthritis has some associations with streptococcus bacteria.

Best wishes, Sean
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Date: 05.02.2013
From: Deborah

Subject: Re: Hip Rthritis and Psoriasis on shins only.

Hi Keith,
Osteoarthritis and poriasis are not linked although you can have both at the same time as far as I am aware.
I think the weather affect's all form's of arthritis regardless I know it affect's mine a lot which drive's me mad.
Take care Deborah.
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Date: 08.02.2013
From: keith penny

Subject: Re: Hip Rthritis and Psoriasis on shins only.

Thankyou so much for your replies, they all have helped a lot.
Will get x-ray of second hip this month, so I can plan ahead for possible op.
Take care all of ya's.
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