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Date: 03.02.2013
From: stephanie

Subject: psoriatic arthritis medication help please

Hi, my husband has psoriatic arthritis. He was diagnosed around 12 years ago and is now 36. He is very worried about medication, he has allergies to all opiates and even taking paracetamol can really upset his stomach. After he was diagnosed he was given sulphasalazine which he took a psychotic reaction to. He has spent the best part of 12 years taking nothing at all, obviously he can't continue to live like this and he has been given a prescription for methatrexate. He is planning on starting these next weekend in case of any other serious reactions. I see a lot if people on here are on different medications, we were told that sulphasalazine and methatrexate were the only available drugs!? I was hoping someone could tell us a bit about these other drugs so we can try and see if there is something a bit less dangerous for him to take. Also, if there is any alternative medicine anyone has tried which would help. He was getting accupuncture a few years ago which was amazing, we just can't afford it and the doctors won't entertain the idea at all. It would be helpful to find out if anyone has managed to get a treatment like this through the nhs. I can't understand why they won't consider it, it worked so well and surely it would be cheaper and safer than these meds! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Date: 03.02.2013
From: davina

Subject: Re: psoriatic arthritis medication help please

hi i'm to sure if meds are same for ra and pa but there are not any drugs related to arthritis that does not have lot of side effects or risks. there is no cure and the medications may not work for him. i do hope methatrexate will help him but there are conditions like not drinking alcohol to stop the risk and he may get very upset belly and sickness for many weeks but this is normal, if he can't handle it they maybe able to help, they shou;ld have given him folic acid to help with the side effects? there also is a stomach protector, sorry i don't know what its called but starts with O.

i really hope he gets on with methatreate and i haven't put you off x
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Date: 05.02.2013
From: Deborah

Subject: Re: psoriatic arthritis medication help please

Hi Stephanie,
I have been taking mtx for a number of year's I am on 25mg a week.
I to find it hard to take drug's they make me sick as well but I have been given an anti- sickness drug to take with my mtx and now have no sickness tell your husband to ask his Rhumy nurse for this.
Also make sure your husband take's 5mg every day except the day you take your mtx of frolic acid your doctor will give you these you cannot buy them over the counter as they are not strong enough these will all help with the sickness and side effect's.
It was Colin on here who told me about the frolic acid as I was having really large mouth ulser's and the frolic acid took those away completely and if it had not been for Colin I would not have known.
But I have not had any problem's with mtx since so hopefully your husband will not have any prob's with it,I know everyone is different but I hope he does not.
Good luck take care Deborah.
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Date: 08.02.2013
From: Lynn

Subject: Re: psoriatic arthritis medication help please

Hi Stephanie sorry to hear about your husband it must be hard I too have pa had it nearly 3 years and still the consultant hasn't found a drug I can stay on ( I have had side effects to all) sulphasalazine and methotrexate are disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs (DMARDS) there is defiantly more than the 2 although some rhumys may only use these 2 I have been on hydrocloraquine,sulphasalazine,methotrexate 3 times leuflominde,gold injections and there are the newer biological drugs for ra and pa, anti tnf injections I have also been on enbrel and humira so there is a way to go yet but as I say some rhumys differ I had a rhumy who only delt with mxt and sulpha then bolilogics.

I understand the pain he must be in as I am in it too and it's not nice maybe he could ask for a change of rhumy I have heard this happening before, or simply talk to him and ask why he won't try him on others treatments,does your hubby work? I had to give up working over a year ago and I'm only 36 but there was no way I could have continued down that route.

I hope you get some answers feel free to ask me anything I'm more than happy to help
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Date: 13.02.2013
From: Anthony

Subject: Re: psoriatic arthritis medication help please

Hi stephanie
I have a history as regards reactions to medications, asprin,penicilin, metformin, etc, when i was recently diagnosed with PA i was prescribed Methotrexate by weekly injection, with follic acid tablet 24hrs aftewards because of my history with medications, so far touch wood no adverse effects, The thought of going on such a drug frightened me after past experiences but so far fine, and i have had some horendous reactions in the past.Hope your husband will not have any problems, all the best Anthony.
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