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Date: 31.10.2012
From: actrust



I`m a girl and I`m 14 years.
I have Juvenile Arthritis and beacuse I also have psoriatic I they call my type Įpsoriatic arthritisČ.
My arthritis has affacted me from top to toe, Nearly every joint.
*Both Jaws * Neck * Back * Both Hips * Shoulders * Albows * Knees * Fingres *Wrists * Anckles * Toes * Heels.. and yah-
Other symtoms I have are;
* Cold and Hot ( Like an fever, and thats really kicks me out). * Tired and sleepy all the time.
* Rash looks acsactully like this : ( )
My psoriatic is nearlly all gone and that has it been for a long time now, years! (light therapy)

I`ve tried the most..
* Methotrexate, Humira , NSAIDS ( combinaded and high dose), Injections of Cortisone, Drain joints and soo much more. Prednisolon is the only thing thats helped for me so far. And I Cant come under 15mg then my body flares again..
Feeling I`m on my last hope now but now Im not. O R E N C I A. On week 4 of infusions.
SOO BAD AGAIN:... What to do?

Yaeh I`ve tried alternative. Diets, Training, Therapist etc: and I still do.

Just ask if you wonder at something, sorry Im frustraded. Dont now how I should write this
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Date: 31.10.2012
From: Two hip replacements and still going!

Subject: Re: FLARE ON ORENCIA,,,

The biologics do take time to work, stick with the orencia and it should kick in after about 8 to 12 weeks. Give it some time and while you're waiting come on here and vent.
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