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Date: 17.10.2012
From: Sarah

Subject: Joint Pain Sufferers Wanted For 12-Wk Free Treatment Trial


I hope you don't mind me infiltrating your forum in this way (I have run it past Trina first!) but I'm currently looking for people suffering from joint pain or arthritis to take part in a 12-week trial of a natural rosehip supplement (Litozin) and thought this would be a good place to start.

The product has been evaluated in numerous rigorously-conducted, placebo-controlled clinical trials involving hundreds of patients. Results have been consistently positive, with participants reporting a reduction in stiffness, pain and the need for painkillers.

Clinical trials have also confirm that Litozin has a favourable safety and tolerability profile, with no reported side effects, contraindications or interactions with other commonly-used arthritis medication or supplements. Unlike glucosamine, it can be taken by those with diabetes, shell-fish allergies and in pregnancy.

The product is for sale in Boots, Holland & Barrett, most major supermarkets and many independent pharmacists. It retails at 20.42 so is a good opportunity to sample a tried and tested arthritis intervention free of charge.

If you're interested, please contact me on

Many thanks in advance,

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Date: 20.10.2012
From: william mccurdie

Subject: Re: Joint Pain Sufferers Wanted For 12-Wk Free Treatment Trial

Hi I have just been diagnosed with arthritis and in extreme pain would be glad to take part if it will take the pain away that I am in
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