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Date: 15.10.2012
From: Mary

Subject: Cycling

Hi, can anyone tell me if cycling is helpful for osteoarthritis? Ifeel good during it but next day joints are sore, never really noticed till i stopped cycling for a week.
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Date: 15.10.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: Cycling

The best excercise for OA is walking and swimming. I would cycle if you can but try not to overdo it. Its not worth putting more pressure on the bad joints.
Take Care xx
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Date: 23.10.2012
From: Sue Morrison

Subject: Re: Cycling



My name is Sue & I work for M3 global research

I have had permission to post an ad here

We are looking for people who have OSTEOARTHRITIS of the knee or the hip & are CURRENTLY RECEIVING PRESCRIBED MEDICATION FOR THE PAIN

The research is either a 45m web assisted telephone interview for which you will be paid 80 as a thank you OR a webcam interview & a diary to be completed for 5 mins a day - & you will receive 130 as a thank you

Arthritis Care will also receive 25 for anyone they recommend to us as a thank you

Anyone interested - please call Sue on
07932 997432 or email me at

Many thanks for your time

Kind regards Sue
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Date: 25.10.2012
From: Veronica

Subject: Re: Cycling

It's been two years since I was last able to get on my bike from pain on the coccyx area. I have Fibro as well which was also a big problem. My physio caught me swimming and stopped me since I can't / won't put my head under water and my spinal alignment was thrown - which undid everything we did in aqua therapy session! I'll stick with walking!
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