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Date: 09.12.2008
From: marshian

Subject: accupuncture

hi has anyone tried accupuncture to releive pain
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Date: 23.12.2008
From: Rich Green

Subject: Re: accupuncture

I tried acupuncture for pain relief prior to being diagnosed with RA. I was open-minded about it but don't think it did a great deal for me. Hope this helps.

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Date: 24.12.2008
From: lynh

Subject: Re: accupuncture

I've tried it and am in fact an acupunturist besides being a psoariatric arthritis sufferer.
I find that acupuncture does help, but needs to be repeated at intervals. Just cos it didn't work the 1st time, don't give up , explain everything to your practitioner.
A practitioner who has TCM ( traditional chinese medicine ) experience as well, as this is more holistic. A lot of NHS physiotherapists are trained ths way, worth looking round for an appropriate one. Try the rheumatologist dept.
Good luck.
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Date: 22.02.2009
From: suszannah

Subject: Re: accupuncture

I have tried it, but it did nothing me at all, had a few courses feeling positive it would work but sad to say it didn't......hope you have better luck
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Date: 27.02.2009
From: Jill

Subject: Re: accupuncture

I had Acupuncture on a very painful Elbow, it was Tendonitis, which I have on a regular basis, seeing as the Reiters I have also attakcs the Tissues and tendons and muscles....I Must say, after about 8 sessions(free from my lovely G.P.) it went ? bearing in mind that the pain I had was there for a year, and It made me cry! pain was diabolical, so for me, Acupuncture helps in certain areas of the body
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Date: 17.02.2015

Subject: Re: accupuncture

Reiki is passed on through a lineage of Reiki masters (like me!). When you receive in attunement from one of these masters, your hands are activated to transfer healing energy. Reiki can be used to treat others, but it is very important to use it to treat yourself for the deepest healing. Generally, beginning Reiki practitioners are taught a series of hand positions for self treatment and advised to practice them daily.
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Date: 18.02.2015
From: sleek Fox

Subject: Re: accupuncture

I thought we were talking about acupuncture, not biblical laying on of hands stuff.
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