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Date: 25.02.2012
From: kylee

Subject: hello been a while

hi every one been few months since i last posted just thought id update people of my progress on enbrel.
I have been on enbrel for about 12months the number of flares have decreased still have some big flares infact i had 1 2 days ago but with a hand full of anti inflammatories i managed to get rid of all the swelling in just 24hours. i have noticed I now tend to have flares of tiredness this week has been freadful i constantly feel drained i had 13hours sleep the other night. when i woke up i felt like id only had 2 hours. i tend to be struggling with a lot of muscle pains and eye sight problems but this has to be better than all the joint pain. i have been out of work for 4 yrs due to my arthritis and i have now applied to uni to do a health and social course (very excited).
I do still have bad days but i seem to manage my pain a little better. fingers crossed i havent spoke to soon
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Date: 26.02.2012
From: rhona

Subject: Re: hello been a while

Hi Kylee. I am pleased to hear that you are going on to do a health & social course at Uni. It is good that you now feel able to do that, i hope it all works out well for you, good luck. x
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