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Date: 22.02.2012
From: hayley

Subject: please can you advise (would be very helpful for me)

Hi all,

Iam just wanting some information not sure but thought would ask..i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis after the birth of my first baby (approx three wk after birth)if i was to get pregnant for the second time is there any possiblity the arthritis can be reversed??

I have heard this before but was not sure if it does happen or not??

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Date: 22.02.2012
From: davina

Subject: Re: please can you advise (would be very helpful for me)

hi hayley i too am asking these same questions. i have heard ra can go in to remision during pregnancy but will come back after normally.

i had syptoms of ra during pregnancy with my son and was diganosed 6 months after his birth.
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