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Date: 03.02.2012
From: kelly u

Subject: advice needed dla tribunal coming up

hi all i really would appricate some advice ...i got turned down for dla for RA its mostly effected in my elbows .... i really felt as tho they hadnt read my claim form as they said the things i could do i stressed i actually couldnt such as prepair food shower on my own i need help getting dressed ect anyway i went for a medical at the local centre and now waiting a tribunal date to come through ......its actually making me ill thinking about it :0( i recieved the doctors report from the medical which states i cant do these things then in the next page said i can not sure exactly what they want i have told them i cant do these things my arms are disfigured and extremly bent so putting pressure on them is impossible ...i feel like im in the wrong for claiming it even tho im in extreme pain and cannot care for myself ...i am a 30 year old married lady and it has put so much pressure on my family so the extra help will help take some of the pressure off us ...has anyone been to tribunal or had simlar experiences

thanks in advance
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Date: 03.02.2012
From: lynnr

Subject: Re: advice needed dla tribunal coming up

I feel for u I really do I applied and was told I was entitled to nothing then asked for reconsideration had a medical at home and was eventually awarded hrm lrc I have got worse as my disease has progressed and have asked again for my claim to b looked at again I need help with almost everything I do and think my care rate should be increased for the meantime anyway all I can say is keep fighting and don't give up I know how u feel I am 34 and have 3 young kids who help me greatly and my husband supports me but this last year and half have been hell
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