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Date: 01.02.2012
From: Paula

Subject: Wish me luck

Hi wish me luck with my second appt with thr rhumy on the second feb. I have posted a couple of times in the last week and no replies, am going through it at the mo, dad is very ill with dementia and his heart, and had a death in the family and about to start medication thurs after seeing her. Just think of me on the second if you can. Hope you are all keeping warm.
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Date: 01.02.2012
From: lynnr

Subject: Re: Wish me luck

Hi paula I'm sorry to hear that ur having a rough time of it I really hope ur appointment with ur rhumy goes well and u get the meds u need x what type of arthritis do u have I have PA and fibro after failing 5 dmards I am now my 4th week on anti tnf therapy.
Hope to hear from u soon and good luck for tomorrow TC x
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Date: 01.02.2012
From: willis

Subject: Re: Wish me luck

hi Paula, sorry been down and in bed myself this past few weeks. very big luck for you at appt hope the meds help and work for you. Mines were just put up a bit this last visit so hoping for improvement.
and yes trying to keep warm brrrrr
let us know how you get on
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