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Date: 21.01.2012
From: kylee

Subject: im so fed up of looking when im being judged

hi guys i have been on embrel for 1yr now and feeling great. im not as tired as i was im getting less flares. after being out of work for 4 yrs im now ready to start working again. This sounds simple but its soooo hard. i have been applying for jobs for the past 4months everyday im filling out application forms the type of work im applying for is nothing to strenious. example reception telephone work cashier ect ect. most of the jobs i have applied for have stated in there ads no experience necessary as full trainning will be provided. unfortunatly all the forms ask if you have a disability and if so to explain. my replies are that im not experienced for the job. im starting to feel realy down and depressed that im being judged over my disability i have not had 1 interview from anybody. sorry needed to have the rant
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Date: 21.01.2012
From: Kim

Subject: Re: im so fed up of looking when im being judged

Have you looked into doing a part time college course as you may get funding? I did one last year called OCR level one which is a IT skills course, it will look good on your cv and shows you are trying to do something positive and will give you more confidence.
One lady on my course was a secretary for 15 years and got made redundant and she also couldn't even get a job interview so it may not be down to your disability. In the end she went to all her local businesses and shops with a copy of her cv and she eventually got a part time job.
Good luck with your search and don't give up!
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