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Date: 18.01.2012
From: Laura

Subject: Pain everywhere

Hi all was off sick monday cos of fibromyalgia my doctor can't give me any meds apart NSAID drugs or painkillers I'm not seeing rheumy til 13/2/12 I have it horrendously in my hands I have rib pain and feet pain as well just want it to stop :(
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Date: 18.01.2012
From: Gillian

Subject: Re: Pain everywhere

Try ringing the secretary at the hospital and see if you can bring your appointment nearer. Its worth a try. Gillian
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Date: 19.01.2012
From: laura

Subject: Re: Pain everywhere

hi gillian took your advise phoned hospital they will ring if there is a cancellation so maybe i will be seen sooner fingers crossed. the pain is so bad had to go to doctor again today got given ibuprofhen again im going for blood test tomorrow so maybe i will ask for advise i cant go on like this :(
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