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Date: 05.01.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Programme on TV this morning

I was watching tv this morning not sure what it was called something about DLA scams. They had a young girl on having suffered with Arthritis since a child, she has had many surgeries including hips.What a girl she went to university. Struggled tirelessly she had to have a minder/carer with her. She has been given a dog that helps her with the washing/ door /picking her purse up and lots more. OH WOW. Last year her DAD passed away, She is now living by her aunt and uncle her aunt who is now her carer.Her company moved her to a different place of work so she can still work. Wheelchair and Dog go along with her. What a girl. So humbling my heart went out to her (not pity,). What a strong tuogh cookie. I take my hat off to her. If you have time watch it on BBCI player. I missed some of it. I will be watching it again.Let me win the lottery i would love to pay for a few of the dogs to be trained. They don't have nearly enough. Sorry to go on but is was such an inspiring account. Take Care
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