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Date: 02.01.2012
From: Paula

Subject: What info to give a rhumy

Hi Guys,
I am due to see the Rhumatologist for the first time this coming Thursday, and i am wondering just what information I should give him, I have written down all medication currently taking, for what when and when first prescribed, my medical history, and most of the symptoms and roughly when they started. Also what problems they symptoms are causing, ie grip, pain in small joints of fingers, wrists, hands etc, feeling generally unwell, quite tired. It is the family medical history that i am stuck on. Mum has OA diagnosed when she was 26, it is all over now, Grandfather diagnosed with OA when he was 65 and he has sondylitis of the Neck as well. Brother has psoraris arthrtis, and a first cousin has Lupus, which she was diagnosed when she was 18. There is also seven memebers of the the family with diabetes type 1, underactive thyroid, and secondary progressive MS, would they be interested in any of this! Mind is in a whirl!
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Date: 02.01.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: What info to give a rhumy

When i first went to my rhumy guy he asked about immediate family and any arthritis of all kinds. You seem real ready and on the ball. Writing it all down is brilliant as i now do as you can come out thinking oh no I forgot this and that. Wish you well hope you get all the answers you need. Take Care.
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