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Date: 01.01.2012
From: paula

Subject: I hate the rain.

Hi, Happy nEW yEAR!
Does anyone else have this, every time it is due to rain, my hands are really painful. Then when damp and raining really hard, the joints are awful. Wondered if anyone else is having this, and what treatments help when it is raining. I met a fellow arthritis patient at my GP who said they had similar problems.
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Date: 01.01.2012
From: Sidney

Subject: Re: I hate the rain.

yes, Paula, I have the same feeling when it rains.
BTW, I have Gout and you know on a rainy day, especially the joints are vulnarable... literally if I can cover most joint-areas with some extra coverings, I always feel beter.

Like We feel beter in warmer days, you will agree that
happy new year
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Date: 01.01.2012
From: Dave S

Subject: Re: I hate the rain.

Hi Paula
I am the same and suffer more in the cold and damp.
Living in the UK does not help with this, we lived in Spain for a few years and i was so much better there.
I keep asking my GP to prescribe a move back there on the NHS but he is not having it LOL.
Try and keep wrapped up and warm it helps.
Good Luck
Dave S
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Date: 02.01.2012
From: marlene

Subject: Re: I hate the rain.

Hi i spent two weeks in fuerteventura in november and felt so much better. My GP agrees this is what I need but no chance on NHS. I think it would be cost effective four weeks each winter, without all of us knocking on the rhumy teams and gps doors. LOL I think four weeks would be about right. Do you think we should get some sort of petition going hahahah. All jokiing aside it is important for all of us to keep warm and plenty of rest. Take Care one and All.
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