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Date: 07.12.2011
From: kirst

Subject: xmas shopping nightmare

went with the hubby for what was ment to be a nice browze around the shops without the kids,followed by a trip into a toy shop for the kids xmas presents.

well i managed a slow 30 min of wondering before we had to stop. the pain i was getting was horrendous, every step was hard work.
had a coffee and took more pain killers but i just had no more energy so went streight to get the kids things.

I walked round there in a daze unable to concentrate so poor hubby litterally ran round the shop bringing things we needed to me and the trolley.

A plus to it all was we did get everything we wanted for the kids but im just so frusterated and mad with myself. all i wanted was to spend some time with my other half and enjoy looking at differant shops but because my naff body wasnt co-operating i just couldnt enjoy myself. And im sure ive let him down because we were both looking forward to it so much and it was rushed and cut short because of me.

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Date: 07.12.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Re: xmas shopping nightmare

Oh Kirst I think your other half appreciated quality time with you no matter how short it was. Don't punish yourself hats off to you for even going xmas shopping I can't stand it. Try to find the time alone with your other half to wrap all the gifts you bought and make it a special quality time, maybe a glass of wine if you are allowed. When your little ones are enjoying the magic of christmas morning remember you made a great effort to bring all this joy. Take Care sending you big Hugs X
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Date: 07.12.2011
From: Kim

Subject: Re: xmas shopping nightmare

Im exactly the same, I have had to do xmas shopping in about 5 lots, im even considering hiring a mobility scooter next time I go as I know most shopping centres provide these now.
You are not letting your other half down Im sure he understands, maybe arrange to go out for a meal or just out for a coffee/drink with him where you can sit down and relax.xx
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Date: 09.12.2011
From: Claire

Subject: Re: xmas shopping nightmare

I have discovered the joys of internet shopping but sadly it doesn't have the same atmosphere!
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