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Date: 29.11.2011
From: davina

Subject: injection site

hi all hope you are well.

i am on enbrel which is an anti-tnf and yet again i have a browse and raised red sore.
does others get the same?
i have had the browse test checked which has come back ok, just a little concerned as this keeps happening. xx
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Date: 30.11.2011
From: Colin

Subject: Re: injection site

had same problem , was told to take Piriton Allergy Tablets & use cream on rash

hope it settles , I came off endrel for that reason & going on new drug soon
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Date: 30.11.2011
From: Creswick

Subject: Re: injection site

Hi Both

When I was first on Embrel the reaction at the injection sight was terrible the swelling, redness etc. went completely round my leg and was very painful. With time I had only the slightest reaction - although have to say the injections were always quite painful!
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