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Date: 07.10.2011
From: Chris Chapman

Subject: Product Design Research

Hi my names Chris Chapman and Iām currently studying my 3rd year of product design at UWIC. My project is to develop a kitchen based product for those suffering from arthritis. Although I know there are a few good examples such as the oxo good grips range, I would like to design a range of products that have the finesse of alessi and the functionality of oxo.I understand the products currently aimed at arthritis sufferers are less aesthetically motivated and believe young arthritis sufferers are more fashion conscious and are less likely to be happy with the current range on the market. If anyone is interested in helping me I would like you to fill out a questionnaire so I can fulfil my research. If you are interested please leave an email address so I can forward my questionnaire onto you.If that is too much to ask I can allways ask a few questions on here.
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Date: 08.10.2011
From: Caroline

Subject: Re: Product Design Research

Yeayyyyy glad you have heard the message that yes the aids available are gross! I'll help you, having been a student myself can even give you stuff for those dull a thon write ups on projects,maybe even a pic of my wonky hands.
Take a look at lego maybe, we have lego cutlery because they look super cool and yet have nice gripy handles, they are made of silicone, any one who has stood on a random two piece of lego at night will know why they are not actually made of lego! Will give you my random e-mail box as don't obviously give out my business one.

Caroline Jephcott
My Blog:
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