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Date: 06.10.2011
From: lynnr

Subject: whats next

i was hoping someone would be abble to give me a little advice i have been on 3 DMARDS and each have been stopped due to side effects hydroqlorqurine, sulphsalazine and methetrexate i was wodering if anyone knew whats next or if anyone else had been on 3 or more and finally came across something thats worked i am in constant agony and have PA in every joint so as you can imagine each day is a struggle i just want to get something that will help...... any suggestions?
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Date: 07.10.2011
From: davina

Subject: Re: whats next

hi lynnr i was the same as you with the same dmards and still on plaqeneil and methatrexate with enbrel.
for me i was assessed for anti-tnf after sulfa gave me bad side effects that i couldn't deal with everyday. it does take a while about 2/3 months to get you started on to them and hopefully they will work.
for me enbral as helped a little with all day pain and morning stiffness but still not great so deciding next step of infusions.
i hope your rheumy appintment isn't to long away so you can get some help. take care. x
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Date: 08.10.2011
From: kirst

Subject: Re: whats next

it anit-TNF's arnt mentioned at your next appointment with the rummy ask! in my county 2 or 3 DMARDs have to have been tried before you can be considerd for the tnfs so it could be you would be ideal for them.

If you dont have a rummy appointment for a while get onto your nursing team and say how hard you are finding it and maby they could get an appointment earlier for you.

good look! xxx
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