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Date: 04.10.2011
From: Marg

Subject: Where to go from here.

Hi all i really need advice i posted on here a while back thinking i may have RA. Have seen 2 GP"s now had blood tests and all come back normal, was told yesterday it is wear and tear and to take paracetamol on a regular basis. I am so fed up and in so much pain i dont know what to do or who to turn to. My feet are so painful i can hardly walk in a morning or when i have been sat down for any length of time, my fingers and elbows are also very painful. I already have arthritis in my back through a polapsed disc many years ago and was diagnosed with cervical arthritis 3 years ago,for which i am on Naproxen, but this does not help my feet.If i could save up the money to see a specialist what kind should i see? It was as if the GP couldnt be bothered.
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Date: 04.10.2011
From: Dilizjo

Subject: Re: Where to go from here.

Hiya Marg, I am really sorry to hear that your GP is saying that because your bloods are coming back normal that it can't be RA, he is so wrong, mine always came back normal and it took a lot of visits, one of them being in so much pain I could not walk on my left leg, for a different GP in the same surgery to refer me to a rheumatologist, who on my first visit said he was sure it was RA, I had tests and it was confirmed. When I asked him why my bloods had been coming back noormal and yet the ones they ran hadn't he told me there is a test that the GPs don't have access to.
If the GPs at your surgery still refuse to refer you I would advise a change of surgery, you have every right to be referred and by the sound of it the sooner the better.
Keep us updated and take carexx
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