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Date: 02.10.2011
From: Dilizjo

Subject: WARNING!!!!!!!! ATOS advertising on TV

OK guys Dilizjo is on her soapbox again:(
ATOS, the French based company who are paid 100 million pounds to make life worse for those of us who are in the awful position of not being able to work due to health issues and have to undergo their 'medical assesments' (I use that phrase very grudgingly, 'Come to an appointment which we will most probably cancel at a hours notice, answer questions honestly so we can falsely report your answers to the ESA, make you feel like a scrounger and hypercondriac, make your health a lot worse through the stress we are going to cause you and we'll spend our time looking at the computer screen assessment' is the phrase I would use) are now advertising health plans as a fallback if you are unable to work due to ill health and disability on TV under their other name UNUM.
UNUM have been banned from quite a few states in America for bad practise, they did a similar contract over there that the ConDems are wasting our resources and the establishment banned them for false reporting and they also have a reputation for not paying out on health insurance claims.
I find it an absolute disgrace that they feel it is ok to try and ply their wares to the very people they are in fact disabling, using their other name.. Do they think that we are totally brain dead!!!!!
So people be very wary of these greedy fat cats.
This company is doing the IT for the 2012 Olymic games when will this country ever learn? I am sure we have British IT companies that could do the job just as well....
OK folks Dilizjo has stopped ranting sorry but this is just taking my patience a step too far.
take care all xx
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Date: 02.10.2011
From: mads

Subject: Re: WARNING!!!!!!!! ATOS advertising on TV

good rant Dilizjo, i didn't know any of that - i will have to be more aware.
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Date: 02.10.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Re: WARNING!!!!!!!! ATOS advertising on TV

Thanks for posting read a bit on the www. Whats wrong with this goverment why are they handing all the jobs to other countries, then moaning at people for not working.Yep they do but thank goodness our brains are just fine. take care x
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