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Date: 26.09.2011
From: Rachel

Subject: Advice please - Leflunomide - pregnancy - wash out?

Hi all, I hope you're all keeping as well as possible.

I've posted on here a couple of times re: Methotrexate & pregnancy. I've been on 15 mg of meth since December which I'm not responding to and I'm steadily getting worse. I've just seen my rheumy today and he's prescribed Leflunomide alongside the meth for now. I've just read the leaflet and seen that you have to be off this for 2 years prior to pregnancy or have the "wash out" treatment. At 39 I haven't much time and in my own mind had pretty much written it off although I've got to think of my partner too.

I just wondered if anyone else has had this medication, how effective they found it and/or had the wash out later on. Thanks, Rachel x
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