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Date: 21.09.2011
From: Simon

Subject: Humira & PA

I have had PA & forms of Spondylosis arthritis for nearly 3 years now which effected my Feet, Toes, back, legs, diagnosed aged 34. The morning times were awful when I could not get out of bed. Tiredness was all consuming - sometimes sleeping 12-14 hours at a time.
I was given MTX which initially worked however after 6 months it was causing problems in my liver and they pulled me off it.
Waiting for my Rheumys next move I had a suspected heart attack, however found that this was a severe throbbing pain coming from my breast plate which I was unaware at the time was casued by the arthritis - sure did give me a scare!
With this and the symptons coming back I shouted and pleaded to be put on Humira as i had heard such good reports. After 4 months of letters and literary standing outside the surgery demanding the medication I was finally allowed.
After nearly 9 months of being on the drug I can gladly report back that for 95% of the time I almost feel normal.
However, I am having a few bad days at the moment - tired, achy, fluey! This is only the second time in 9 months I have felt bad which on the whole I will take compared to where I was before.
So why am I posting? Well I thought I'd share my history as I'm feeling low today. However, if you have the chance to try Humira - do not feel scared - it has changed my life. A bad week every 4 months I can live with!!
If you are having trouble getting Humira - do not give up! Keep trying and persist, they are only trying to protect their budgets. If you make big fuss you will get it! And no side effects unlike MTX.
I wish everyone good luck! Stay strong and you will get through it!
Best wishes!
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Date: 24.09.2011
From: Tom H

Subject: Re: Humira & PA

That is great to hear Simon, I'm so glad it's helped you and pray for the same results for me. I'm hopefully starting it next month.

Can I ask if you take anything else with it? and also how long it took to work?

Thank, Tom
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Date: 29.09.2011
From: Paul

Subject: Re: Humira & PA

I started on Humira a few days ago.

I'm 26 and have had a rough time for about 8 years. I had to wait almost 2 years to get the anti tnf treatment.

I was delighted to start but I'm really worrying myself about lowering my immune system.
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Date: 29.09.2011
From: sandy

Subject: Re: Humira & PA

Hi everyone
I'm glad this drug is working for you all - but please make sure you go for your regular blood tests - it's just that when I took it (adalimumab - another name for humira)it affected my neurological system - basically I started having feelings like electric shocks it got so bad that I was hospitalised for 2 weeks cos i couldn't walk at all, my rheumy said it was because my body was creating new antibodies that were attacking also affected my eyesight a bit. I dont mean to put a damper on things (sorry!!)maybe it was just coincidence - but it stopped when i came off it - so please be careful and make sure you dont miss any of your checks.x
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Date: 08.10.2011
From: Tom H

Subject: Re: Humira & PA

Had my app. Rheumy told me I have to go back on MTX (injections this time) as he didn't think Humira would work on it's own. Bit dissapointed tbh.
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