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Date: 28.06.2011
From: marlene

Subject: Screammmmmm DLA

Just phoned to ask what is happening with my look at my claim again. Its is now 12weeks, well guess what it has not been looked at, maybe in another 5-6weeks, are you joking with me. We are so busy (what turning every one down) well guess what i am full of pain and have to get on with it. I put this to him, "so if you turn me down again and i have to appeal, this could take up to a year?" the reply "well you sound negative". I wonder why? "What about if you get the right decision".Well i am still not convinced of anything. It is months and months since i made my first claim to the DLA and nothing has changed!!!!!! I now have to wait at least four weeks before i can contact them again. I feel like a kid back at school please SIR!!!!! may i ask a question about myself.I feel like throwing the towel in, but at the same time telling myself you are not asking for anything that you are not entitled to. Why do i feel like i have made a nuicance of myself to the busy people at the DLA???? Well thats better i am at home all alone no one to rant at or to(LOL). Sorry Guys Take care all X
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Date: 28.06.2011
From: lynn r

Subject: Re: Screammmmmm DLA

aw marlene thats awful i hope u get the right decision back this time and hopefully will be before 4 weeks i didnt have that lond to wait i got refused 1st time then appealed had a medical at home and was given high mobility and low care i have just sent in a letter asking them to reconsider my care award as i am needing much more help than when i had my medical so heres hoping i wont have to wait that long to hear back,hang on in there marlene im sure they will get the right decision this time round take care x
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Date: 28.06.2011
From: Dilizjo

Subject: Re: Screammmmmm DLA

Hiya Marlene and a big HUG
I can fully empathise with your situation the DLA system is totally wrong and has infuriated me so much that I contacted my MP in Westminster yesterday, only spoke to his secretary and voiced my opinions very clearly telling her that the government was actually disabling people and making their conditions worse. After a lengthy conversation she suggested that I sent an email giving a summary of what I had said and to forward any evidence of communication I have had with them, rather than wait 2 weeks to see him at his local surgery. Doing it this way would enable him to get on the issue straight away and she thought he would definitely be sending a letter tto the minister concerned.
Now to be honest I am not holding my breath but I do feel that if we all started taking the bull by the horns and started questioning the decision makers at the top of the coalition tree maybe they will get a bit fed up and take a plook at the DLA shortcomings. That was one of the reasons I set the petition up.
So in your shoes I would get in touch with your MP and make them hear you.
Take care and good on you for ranting:)
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Date: 02.07.2011
From: kirst

Subject: Re: Screammmmmm DLA

I compleatly understand the frusteration you are feeling. I put in for DLA last year in April and was refused, asked them to reconsider and was again refused. Had a naff medical and am now in the process of appeal. I went to the local disablity forum and have been told by my representative that i will be lucky if i have the hearing by xmas!!! that will be almost 2 years of waiting and fighting. i personally am not holding out any hope of getting it, simply because i feel like im fighting a loosing battle and cant see that ever changing with regards to the way that DLA is asessed.
Good luck and i hope in your area they are more on the ball and dont have you waiting too long x
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