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Date: 06.06.2011
From: amy

Subject: finally diagnosed!

Ive been having pain for 12 months now, which started out with a stiff neck, ive been to the doctors several times and he assured me it wasnt RA, and sent me for blood tests.. ive had about 4 blood tests through my gp and they all came back negative, so he advised me to have my contraceptive implant taken out, to see if that was causing the pain..turns out.. it wasnt. so then he reffered me to a rheumatologist at my local hospital.. she gave me a proper examination, from head to toe and did a series of blood tests, i had to go to the hospital today for a musculoskeletal ultrascound scan on my hands and feet.. which then RA was confirmed, along with the results from the blood samples. its come as a big shock for me and my family as im only 19..but im glad to see im not alone.
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Date: 06.06.2011
From: kirst

Subject: Re: finally diagnosed!

im pleased you have a diagnosis, it makes a huge differance knowing what is causing so many problems. You definetly arnt alone! everyone on this forum has been fantastic support for me so im confident you will find it the same. Do you have to see the rhumatologist again for a medication discussion?
any questions about medications and how people have found them just ask because between us all we will have tried pretty much everything lol.
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