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Date: 09.06.2008

Subject: Embrel isnt working anymore

Hello, Im 29 years ago, I was diagnosed with RA at 21, theresince I have been in different treatments, and wich have helped me a lot is embrel, but I feel that after 2 years, isnt working anymore, my knee is constantly swelling, wich a get drained, and my body is starting to hurt again... Im depressing a lot, I have twins of 3 years, and Im thinking that I wont be there for them anytime soon... I feel bad, today isnt a good day...
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Date: 10.06.2008
From: Issy

Subject: Re: Embrel isnt working anymore

Hi there Macilia,

I'm 27 and have been diagnosed with RA at the betgining this year.

It's been up and down for me. I'm only in my second month of Methotraxate treatment, and the pain is there thoughout the treatment still.

Keep positive dear and make appointments with your Rheumatologist. They should be able to put you on additional or totally different medication. Together you should be able to find something that is working for you.

I've also hit a few bad days but my doctor gave me what he calls an "emergency kit" that consist of painkillers. I've read somewhere that RA is not an endurance test and that painkillers are there to help, so I abuse my "emergency kit" when ever I personally feel the pain is getting to me.

I realy hope you could find some medication that works for you.

Good luck.
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