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Date: 29.05.2008
From: sue

Subject: can anyone help?

Hi I'm new to the site searched around the internet in the hope someone has some advice.Last week I visited the nurse practioner at my surgery who took some blood for testing after explaining my symptoms which are aching and stiffness all over (feels like been in the ring with mike tyson},chronic fatigue,tingling and numbness in hands feels like symptoms getting worse day by day.After ringing for the results was told I needed to see the doctor.Went to see the doctor today who said my results were abnormal but nothing too much to worry about.He seemed quite prepared to leave it at that but I asked for an explanation and he said there was some precursors showing an inflammatory disease.Offered no treatment or advice other than to try some exercise.I feel really awful and my life is being severley affected.Has anyone had a similar experience?
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Date: 10.06.2008
From: cynth

Subject: Re: can anyone help?

Hi, I'm new to this forum but I would suggest you get pro-active with your GP and ask for a referral to a rheumatologist. If it is an inflammatory disease the earlier it is nipped in the bud then the better the treatment and prognosis. Not all inflammatory diseases progress quickly or severely but it is surely better to have an expert opinion sooner rather than later. This is only my personal opinion but for peace of mind I know what I would do given my previous experiences.
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