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Date: 08.04.2011
From: mads

Subject: a good visit to the consultant

2nd appointment at consultant today - confirmed ra, she was very nice, very supportive and had loads of time for me. Sent me to the nurse who spent over an hour talking through the mtx treatment, answering all questions. Give me a steroid, give me some time to think through stuff, was in with them nearly two hours, a good experience. I kept crying which was really wierd (don't do that) think it was because they were being helpful. I complain when the medics aren't good so thought that i should speak out when they are.
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Date: 08.04.2011
From: Gaynor

Subject: Re: a good visit to the consultant

Bless you Mads. Don't worry about the crying. Probably relief that you have been believed and you now have a diagnosis. I'm glad it was a positive experience for you. That's great.
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