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Date: 07.04.2011

Subject: Really bad flare-up :-(

I have had this rotten disease for seven years now. I thought I was in some kind of remission.. but oh no.. just as the good weather begins it decides to create havoc again.
I called my Rheumy Nurse today as my ankles have been giving me serious jip. Esp my right ankle.
Anyway.. she said we need to supress this and recommended that I up my steroids to 30mg!! I am normally on 2.5mg.. I up to 5mg if I feel that I am having a bad day!
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Date: 07.04.2011
From: Gaynor

Subject: Re: Really bad flare-up :-(

Hey TinkPink1 - sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Wo!!!!! 30 mg of steroid - your nurse is on a seek and destroy mission I reckon. Good luck with it.
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Date: 08.04.2011
From: Tinkpink1

Subject: Re: Really bad flare-up :-(

Thanks Gaynor. I up'd to 10 mg yesterday and 7.5 mg today and my ankle has definitely gone down...

Scary what power steroids has over our immune system.....
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