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Date: 28.05.2008
From: Laura

Subject: waiting to get care

Why is it that you have to wait months to get into a RA specialist then they will not give any confirmation of disease either way? I was given an OLD NSAID and "see you in a month if you want to be seen" despite continued swelling and deformity 12 weeks after an obvious RA flare. Blood tests all point to RA as well. I'm in the USA and have really good private insurance. It's so frustrating
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Date: 31.05.2008
From: Gina

Subject: Re: waiting to get care

Hi Laura
It is a common problem over here in the uk and in other countries but heard that there is one country is very good but at present cannot think which? Sometimes I think poltics could be involved. sometimes if you keep plodding forward sometimes you can suceed All the best and in my thoughts and hope you will get a better result of outcome
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