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Date: 06.04.2011
From: Erica

Subject: made to feel bad by GP

I finally decided to go to the doc today about the pains caused by my Athritis.

I will admit I have been in the surgery a few times over the last month or 2 but that was due to my panic attacks and change of meds which are now all under control but I really don't go unless I have to.

So, anyway the last few weeksI have been having real issues with pain in my back and hips.
bit of history, I have severe Osteoarthritis, to the point that I have holes in my bones, a twisted spine and Degenerative Disc Disease and part of my coxcyx (sp) has worn away.

I mentioned this to my GP last time I was in and he told me to go back and see him once my FM pain had settled down and I knew it was deffo the OA and he would refer me to the Orthopedic team at the hospital.
I have been taking some serious pain relief for the last 2 weeks just to be able to get up. I've needed my walking sticks and my wheelchair.
So was in with him today and he renewed all my medication for me and then proceeded to tell me that all my pain was in my head. I kind of looked at him and asked what he meant. He said that I should be responding to the pain killers, he didn't really think I was being honest about the severity of the damage despite my having seen the images and being told exactly what each mark was on the x-rays. He said I needed physio and the back clinic..NOPE. My Rheumi consultant wouldn't send me as I am unable to even lift a full carrier bag without it hurting and am unable to lay on a floor without pain. I went to back clinic once and ended up an in-patient.

He started going on about how there was no point in refering me as they wouldn't do any surgery and they should be able to control the pain without refering me. I tried to explain that I saw the Ortho team when I was pregnant with Grace and he said he could feel the damage and would prob see me as soon as 6 months after having her. 3 years on and I am only just asking to go now. I think I have done well.

So now he has me doubting my pain. I am without a doubt in stupid amounts. I can't get to my own feet to put my socks and shoes on, I limp all the time and now need my stick indoors.
He has upped my meds as well.
I am now on

Oramorph 10mg 4 times daily
10mg Zomorph 2 times daily
75 mg Pregablin 3 times daily
and and anti-inflamatory..(can't recall name but it isn't Diclofenic)

I rattle I swear.
He has just made me feel so much like I am wasting their time but I can't deal with the pain for much longer...grrr
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Date: 06.04.2011
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: made to feel bad by GP

I know they can't do very much for the OA pain but good grief to say it's all in your head is unforgiveable. I should write a letter of complaint to the Practice Manager and get another GP to see you Erica.

Do you have Fibromyalgia as well ? If so there is a med for that called Gabapentin I've been on that for about a month now and the difference it's made to my pain is amazing !!
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Date: 06.04.2011
From: Gaynor

Subject: Re: made to feel bad by GP

Oh Erica ... I'm so sorry to hear what happened hon. First of all ... remember that you are the expert of your own body. You are the only one who knows what you experience on a daily basis. Secondly, you are the patient and you deserve to be treated with respect and LISTENED TO. If you are unhappy with your doctor, you have every right to look around and investigate to find someone who has a better understanding of your condition. At least your GP has you on some serious pain meds. Although, to be honest, I was on Oramorph and I didn't find it overly useful for arthritic pain. Please don't doubt yourself. Here's the truth of the matter: all pain is in the head when you think about it. The pain is caused by neurotransmitters firing their little butts off in your brain. I feel angry with you that your doctor just dismissed what you are feeling. Chin up girl - you know what you experience. Don't let him/her downplay what you know to be the truth. You have every right to change your GP if you are not happy. I find it difficult to express myself to GPs when I'm upset. Now I've learned to put it in writing and submit it to my GP. It's a lot easier to get your point across and explain why you are feeling distressed. Good luck to you hon.
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Date: 07.04.2011
From: cookie

Subject: Re: made to feel bad by GP

Erica your gp has no rite to speak to you like this im a nurse and we are taught the from a patients perspective. Pain is what a patient says it is. What right does he have to say otherwise. I can vaughly remember from a course i did many years ago that some pain meds block your pain receptors so that medicine such as oramorph etc are not effective a referal to a pain clinic is not a bad idea at least they will know what yhyre talking about. I would change my gp clearly this one doesnt deserve your custom. If it were me i would feel i had lost faith in him xx
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