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Date: 18.03.2011
From: tracey

Subject: Penicillamine


Would appreciate any advice about this drug, side effects, effectiveness etc.
Due to start this next week after previously trying methotrexate, sulfasalazine and gold, which all caused side effects.
Thanks in advance.
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Date: 09.04.2011
From: James

Subject: Re: Penicillamine

Hi Tracey, I've had penicillamine more than 25 yrs ago and I did well for a few yrs. Unfortunately, I then had a bad relapse and had to return to prednisolone and then to gold which I'm on now. The penicillamine was I think only out at that time and would probably be updated by now so I think you should try it and see. I might also have been doing too much then as I was a lot younger but should be ok if you take things easy. I would like to ask you about gold and sulfasalazine combination. I'm on 50mg gold fortnightly now(for next 2 mths)as I have inflamed elbow and then 50 mg every 4 weeks. If this does not work, they might try gold and sulfasalazine. Can I ask what side effects you had and dosage of your gold and sulfasalazine? Gold has worked for me for last 28 yrs but sanofi closed uk factory and moved them to italy and I started having probs. The italian gold still works but in high dose. Hence a combination might be needed later. Has your consultant suggested any other gold combinations ? Hope we can keep in touch and relay our conditions. Take care.
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Date: 11.04.2011
From: carole

Subject: Re: Penicillamine

Hi Tracey , i was on penicillamine about 20 yrs ago i took it for about 6 yrs and from what i can remember i didnt suffer much side effects, after 6 yrs i was lucky and my RA went into remission,unfortunatly it has returned 3 yrs now and i,m now on MTX and have very few side effects but still praying for another remission lol.... any thing in my book is worth a try fingers crossed all goes well with u x
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