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Date: 05.12.2005
From: Trina

Subject: Our last Support Group Meeting

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone for coming out on such a cold day to our last support group meeting which was held on the 22nd November 05. A good time was had by all - we never seem to pause for breath, everyone always has so much to say... I enjoyed my lunch, maybe next time I may even try something new! (I've had the same thing from the menu for the past 3 meetings).

Our next meeting is on 24th January 2006 - as before 12 noon at the Hare and Hounds pub near Torbay hospital. If there is anyone out there who has arthritis and would like to come to our next get together email me for more info...

Oh and Happy Christmas!!
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Date: 06.12.2005
From: louis veale

Subject: Re: Our last Support Group Meeting

Hi Trina its me Louis, i came to the last meeting in nov. i put my story on line, did you recive it ok. if so was it ok. i shall be there at your next meeting ok. have a nice xmas, see in new year. bye now louis x
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Date: 07.12.2005
From: Trina

Subject: Re: Our last Support Group Meeting

Hi Louis,

Trina here. I don't know what has happened but your story hasn't come through. Could you send it again to I'll email you back when I get it. I've been meaning to phone you about it...

Great to see you at our last meeting - our next one is going to be on the 24th Jan 06, Hare & Hounds as before at 12 noon.

Have a good Christmas and I'll look forward to seeing you later on in January.
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