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Date: 20.02.2011
From: Elizabeth Brownlow

Subject: Post - traumatic arthritis

Hi all,

I have been diagnosed as having post-traumatic arthritis after I broke my toe over two years ago. The toe was strapped but did not heal correctly and had to be rebroken and then operated on with a pin put through it to straighten it. The bone healed OK and the pin was removed. But I have had pain ever since and I have been diagnosed as having post-traumatic arthritis.

Now two years later I cannot even walk - I have to use a mobility scooter - I am in constant pain. I have gone all the way up to tramadol in painkillers and it still doesn't work. Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this and what suggestions can they make?

Many thanks for any advice given.

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Date: 21.02.2011
From: Gaynor

Subject: Re: Post - traumatic arthritis

Hi Elizabeth. I'm only just learning about arthritis so I don't have much to offer. But my heart goes out to you. That sounds hard to live with. Do you by any chance have a "pain clinic" at your hospital - perhaps your GP could refer you. Our one is very good.
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