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Date: 19.02.2011
From: Gaynor

Subject: Tug of war

Hi. Is there anyone else out there who has another mobility disability in addition to RA? I'm finding it a real tug of war. The need to move because I'm siezing up becomes overwhelming, but then if I move too much my hips (not RA) start dancing the watoozie and pain makes me need to sit again. I'm finding it a bit hard to balance to be honest. I've only just been diagnosed - and I have to say that I have a whole new level of empathy for people with arthritis in general. OMG ... it takes over your whole life. It's very hard to switch off to the pain isn't it? It's an ever present BEAST!
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Date: 19.02.2011
From: kazzie

Subject: Re: Tug of war

hi i can sympazite with you i have ra but have a bulging disc and need a new hip and the pain feels like lightning shooting down my leg and am same i have to keep trying to walk every 20 mins or so but the pain just makes me want to sit down again am so fed up at mo .so can understand x
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