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Date: 18.02.2011
From: Marion

Subject: Arava - How long before it works?


I took methotrexate for about 5 years until I could tolerate it no longer. I started taking arava 5 weeks ago but so far it has very little effect. I am now getting severe stabbing pains in the balls of my feet which I have not had for years and it is uncomfortable to walk, also swollen hands and pains from my shoulders running down my arms. When will I start to feel the benefit of Arava. As regards the side effects I have had a couple of bouts of diarrohea but nothing major, in fact of all the medications I have taken this has been the easiest to tolerate which is why I hope it works. Any advice or info appreciated.

Thanks Marion
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Date: 21.02.2011
From: Steve

Subject: Re: Arava - How long before it works?

Hi Marion,
I have taken 10mg Arava for about 2 years now, I have similar intolerances on the stomach and the odd Headache but nothing much more. the downside is it took around 3 months to really kick in, its certainly not as effective as mtx but it has a lot less side effects for me, one thing i would suggest is cut out alcohol completely if you haven't already because Arava has negative effects on the Liver it can really knock you once you have built up your base level.
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