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Date: 21.01.2011
From: Sandie

Subject: MTX

Hi all, Happy New (late) Year to everyone. Haven't posted anything this year!!
I have been taking mtx for 16weeks now and I haven't noticed any good differences in the condition. Is this still too early to say it might work? I have noticed more changes for the worse unfortunatley, but don't want to be negative about mtx yet. What does anyone else think. I would appreciate anyones opinion, thanks.
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Date: 22.01.2011
From: Tom H

Subject: Re: MTX

I'm 12 weeks in and have noticed no improvement, going to give it till end of feb
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Date: 30.01.2011
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: MTX

hi Sandie and Tom, I have been on mtx for 13 months now on the tabs first, didnt think it was doing anything but making me feel sick with a constant headache, until I had a throat infection and had to come of them for a few weeks. Oh my!! did I feel bad PAIN!! was unbearable I swelled up in all my joints couldnt walk far or get up and down the stairs without struggling, I went back on them after 3 weeks couldnt stand the headaches mouth ulcers and feeling sick, rheumy pet me on injections 8 weeks ago and I havent looked back. Just letting you know my experience with them, and to let you know they are not 4 everyone but do please give them a bit longer.Take Care.x
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