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Date: 18.09.2005
From: Sam

Subject: Knee replacement

Does anyone know how long it should take to get walking after a knee replacement operation? I've had my knee done now for 12 weeks and I'm still in a lot of pain and I can't bend it very well either.
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Date: 20.09.2005
From: cherie cliff

Subject: Re: Knee replacement

hi Sam, I've not had a knee replacement but am waiting for one. I do know quite a few who have had them & they have said it was painful. They also have had to do a lot of physiotherapy after the op to get the correct degree of movement. I have been told by my surgeon that my mobility will depend on my committment to the physio afterwards. Perhaps you should have a word with your physio/surgeon for peace of mind. Hope that helps. Best wishes & let us know how you get on.
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Date: 01.12.2005
From: Nickie

Subject: Re: Knee replacement

Hi cherie and Sam,I've had both knees replaced about 7 years ago. They got me walking a little with a zimmer frame about 3 days after. You gently start weight bearing. wlaking for me wasn't too painful but I did feel light headed. It's great being able to stand wihtout having to wait for your knees to straighten. They do make you do physio and you have to bend your knee to at least 90 degrees before they let you home. Be prepared for cycling and straight leg lifts. It may be painful before the op but if you can build up your quad muscles. Oh and they do really concentrate on straightening and bending of the knee once operated on. Hope this helps.
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