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Date: 04.11.2010
From: Fee

Subject: withdrawal from anti tnf treatment

Have had to stop anti tnf treatment due to SLE symptoms. Has any one else had to come off anti tnf and have they ever had side effects? I am feeling exhausted and very low.
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Date: 04.11.2010
From: louloubelle

Subject: Re: withdrawal from anti tnf treatment

i've had to come of anti-tnf too and am feeling so miserable for it. I stopped it while pregnant but at 27 weeks was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've been told I cannot go back on anti-tnf for 10 years after I've been given the all clear. I've been unable to start any other medication yet because of the chemotherapy. It actually helps for about 10-12 days and then the arthritis hits with a vengence for the following 9-11 days. I feel like I have flu when the arthur flares up, I have to sleep so much which, with a 7 week old baby is not great but, thankfully, my partner is amazing and takes on the night feeds. I'm having to sleep during the day too. I am taking paracetamol, much to the chemo nurses dissaproval as it reduces your temperature and that is the main indicator of infection and, as chemo lowers your immune system to nothing I am obviously highly at risk. I am also taking codeine at night time but won't take it during the day as I am on my own with baby Oscar.

I have tried to explain the tiredness and the only way I have been able to describe it is a depressed kind of tired. I find I am a little more emotional when my arthur is flared up too.

I hope you can take something else for yuor arthur as it sounds like arthur symptoms rather than withdrawal symptoms - I didn't feel bad while I was pregnant (the hormones helped keep the arthur at bay).

All the best Fee, take care!
Lou xxx
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