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Date: 01.11.2010
From: Laura

Subject: Hand Specialist

Has anyone ever seen a hand specialist in relation to RA?

The tightness on my hands and wrists is getting worse and it's scaring me a little...every morning it feels like someone is pulling my tendons in opposite directions and it causes sharp stabbing pain. If I lift anything too heavy I get uncontrollable shakes like I have a trapped nerve!?! Does anyone else experience this?
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Date: 01.11.2010
From: Arlene

Subject: Re: Hand Specialist

Hi Laura, I feel your pain. I have been to see the hand specialist but am still in the same boat. I have it in both my hands. Avoid picking up anything heavy and get plastic plates to use. They will give you some exercises to practise. I am currently wearing my hand brace practically 24/7. I have had MRI on both my hands and still no improvement. Hope you have better luck. Hugs
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Date: 02.11.2010
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: Hand Specialist

Laura know what you mean about the pain mine is more in the fingers and it feels like they are being twisted in the opposite direction . Not all of them mainly my middle fingers. And I shake when they examine my legs and hips. Strange.

Arlene is it wise to use your hand brace a lot ? I'm only mentioning this because the OT told me to use mine just when I'm shopping etc I think because it can make the joint weak. I know this as I wear an ankle brace when I'm walking outdoors and that ankle has gone thin and wasted. Have you been precribed a resting wrist/hand splint ? These are REALLY comfy and are made to mould to your wrist and hand I would really recommend you get one of those. ;0)
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