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Date: 01.11.2010
From: Arlene

Subject: Advice on rituximab

Hi guys, I am new to this site and would like your advice/help please. Here's a little background history of my RA. I was diagnosed in 2007 with RA, severe allergic reaction to sulfasalzine. Rheumy tried me on steriods and methotexate but once I came off the steriods my body flared up. Rheumy done the count test and have been on methotrexate and enbrel, surprise surprise I am back in the same boat where my body is rejection the medication and my joints are all fared up. Rituximab is the next type of medication they want to put me on. I saw the nurse last week, we spoke regarding this new treatment and my gut feeling is not to go ahead with this treatment. I had an MRI a couple of months ago and my arms went into spasms, had blue arms for about a week. Needles and I are not great friends, espcially when liquid needs to go in. The side effects are not great what I have read and there is also PML (infection on the brain). They looking to get me on this treatment in the New Year but need some advice from you out there please. Thanks
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