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Date: 28.10.2010
From: davina

Subject: Anyone had this? fluid in knees

Hi hope everyone is ok and having a good week.

i am just trying to find out if anyone has had this proplem with their arthritis too.
I had to have a scan in my right calf muscle due to pain which showed a heamatoma (brouse like clot in the muscle0. the snographer then checked my legs and found a further 3 fluid sacs on the right and 2 on my left knee.

i have looked on the internet but there is not much info about fluid sacs. my doctor is requesting a urgent appointment with my rheumy and also sent a refural for ocupational theropy, anyone else had this.

sorry i'm just in so much pain and now i know there is more to it then just RA i'm worrying more as i'm due to have surgery at the end of november for a large incistional hernia and panicing they will want me to wait longer due to this new problem.

thanks for reading sorry its long. xx
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Date: 01.11.2010
From: Angela

Subject: Re: Anyone had this? fluid in knees

Hello Davina, I am guessing no one has answered you as they have not experienced this.Just so that you don't feel left out I will try.
Sorry I have had nothing like that only swollen knees with that synovical fluid around them.
My sister in law had a similar problemthough, but she banged her leg, and it turned out the pocket of fluid was an infection which was sorted out.
Hope you find out soon then you dont have to worry as much. Good luck
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Date: 01.11.2010
From: bsk

Subject: Re: Anyone had this? fluid in knees

Sounds horribly painful Davina. Like Angela, I've had synovial fluid in my joints and that is pretty painful. Hope they find out what's going on soon.
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Date: 03.11.2010
From: davina

Subject: Re: Anyone had this? fluid in knees

Thank you both for replying. yes its very painfully and trying so hard to get my ra symptoms sorted this is the last thing i needed.
Hopefully my rheumy nurse can help when i see her on the 17th. i will ask about infections thanks. x
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