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Date: 27.10.2010
From: Jake

Subject: Dead Sea and PA

HI All
just thought i would share this with you.
i went to the dead sea in Israel and stayed for 2 weeks and did nothing other then lay on the beach for 5-6 hours every day.
While i was there i did not have any pain from my PA at all, on returning to the UK i have slight pains but nothing like before.
I also took Sulphur baths which is supposed to be very good for the joints but not to good for major psoraisis.
i saw others there who literally could not walk in their countries and have been invigorated in the time that they have been there.
this is not a miracle it is the effects of the rays of the sun due to the fact that the dead sea is from the lowest places on earth.
I would recommend this to anyone, i am only home a week and i am not sure how long this will last but i am happy to have days with hardly any joint pains!!!
i also met really bad psorasis sufferes who just lie around for a few weeks there and claim it gives them between 4-6 months respite.
i met people from all over Europe and USA who swear by this, and i would urge anybody to research and if you can do it then go.
you have options between Israel or Jordan for the sea.
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