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Date: 26.10.2010
From: sandra b

Subject: Sudden jerks in hands and legs

Does anyone on here ever experience sudden uncontrolled jerks of hands or legs. Completely no control over it. Its like a nerve thing but happening to me alot. Worried about driving. Just another ailment to my list lol
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Date: 26.10.2010
From: Laura

Subject: Re: Sudden jerks in hands and legs

Hi Sandra,

I often get something that sounds similar to this. I find when I stretch that I get an uncontrolable jerk/twinge, I've never read of anyone on here having that so I was starting to think it was nothing to do with my RA!

Another thing that happens to me is if I lift something fairly heavy I get really shaky hands and shooting pains in my wrists for about 10 mins, almost like a trapped nerve, have u ever experienced this?
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Date: 27.10.2010
From: ScaryFeet

Subject: Re: Sudden jerks in hands and legs

I do, and I've started dropping things sometimes too. It seems to be that if I focus too much on one thing I completely forget whats in my other hand and I let go - completely bizzare! Rheumy says 'Yup, its pretty normal I'm afraid' - so as you say Sandra, something else to add to the list!!

I think the jerks happen when I am warming up again after sitting still for too long and then stretching as Laura mentions.

Re the shaky hands, I've stopped lifting heavy things but find someting 'pings' in my hands and forearms if its quite heavy - it feels like an elastic band inside me has been pulled and let go!! Aren't we interesting specimins!! Cue David Attenborough programme, more interesting than howler monkeys!!!

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