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Date: 12.10.2010
From: SarAhE

Subject: What rate DLA could i qualify for?

Hi, im 18 years old and was diagnosed JIA at the age of 16months. I have arthritis in every single joint in my body, i Also suffer from an anxiety disorder, depression and IBS.
i am currently recieving DLA at lowest care and lowest mobility rate and wondered if i qualify for more? Im struggling to keep up with costs of running my car which is the only way i can get out and do 'normal' things.
General issues i have:
i have extremely restricted left elbow, both wrists and both sides of my jaw.
I cannot chew food at the moment and need encourageing to eat as the pain takes away my appetite. i cannot lift anything heavy or awquard i.e pots, pans, kettle, pile of clothes and large items. Have suffered boiling water burns to feet and hands when attempting to lift a kettle.
i cannot cut my toe/finger nails, squeeze shampoo and condistioner bottles, cut food like meat. and suffer chronic pain and discomfort when i try to shave, tie shoe laces and do up buttons.
i cannot stand for longer then a few minutes before i feel chronic pain and discomfort in ankles, knees and hips.
i cannot use the telephone, speak to strangers, answer the door to strangers, comfortably enter supermarkets or anything that requires interaction with people i do not know.
i suffer chronic pain and discomfort climbing stairs and connot do this with out something/someone to hold on to.
I have stumbled when out and about and suffered extreme pain in my right knee wich stopped me moving for 3 days as it was so bad.
Have to know where the nearest toilet is when in public or at someone elses house and panic intensly if i do not know.
always need others opinions on clothes i wear or i feel extremely paranoid thinking i look abnormal or stupid and causing anxiety attacks.
Medication: currently on a 4 weeks dose of prednisolone and soon to be enbrel.
have been on methotrexate for many years, had intence physiotherapy, 6wk prednisolone, eye drops, diclofenac, total of 9 joint injection and awaiting more, due to have an operation on my jaw, anti anxiety pills and others throughout my life.

Sorry if this is long, i would just like some help and opions on what rate you think i could qualify for DLA as im struggling with payments and also my pride gets in the way of being 100% honest on my form but i do feel i need more. all comments are much appreciated and questions welcome. Thank you. sarah
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Date: 12.10.2010
From: kazzie

Subject: Re: What rate DLA could i qualify for?

hi i would think you should be gettin the highest rate, on forms always put what your like on the worst daY and see if the doctor will help you good luck
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Date: 12.10.2010
From: charlotte

Subject: Re: What rate DLA could i qualify for?

In my experience of working with staff from CAB you really must put the very worst scenario and don't let pride get in your way

Good luck
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