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Date: 12.10.2010
From: Marion

Subject: A proper introduction

Hi All

Marion here, I posted on the forum for the first time last week when I was having a really bad time with the side effect of methotrexate and was pleased to receive so many positive replies. I thought I should introduce myself properly. I live in Ireland and I was diagnosed with RA over 10 years ago, during that time I have had several severe flares but in the main I have coped ok with RA and have managed to continue working.

I take methotrexate by injection as I could not tolerate the tablets at all. I have been on several different medications over the year the worst of which was imuran which gave me pancreatitis and took me six months to recover from.

It was great to go back thru old posts and I have learnt a lot by doing this, services for RA are not great here in Ireland but I feel I can learn a lot from this site that I can hit the Consultant with the next time I see him (he will not be happy) he is old school and it is just go away and do as I say.

I will keep in touch thru this forum and am delighted to have found you. There are many people on this forum that so positive it cannot fail but to rub off.

Bye for Now. Marion
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Date: 12.10.2010
From: kazzie

Subject: hi

hi marion i have ra as well and have suffered bad on mxt but not workin ect long story but hope your ok and its good to talk on here
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