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Date: 11.10.2010
From: John

Subject: Newbie Calling

Been lurking around here for sometime now and decided to join the gang so hello ! RA symptoms in hands started just over a year ago with inflammatory RA confirmed earlier this year. Had just decided to retire a couple of years early when all this started so got a nice retirement present in the form of Arthur. Well, the sun's been shining so trying to make the most of it.

Cheers John
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Date: 11.10.2010
From: Lynn B

Subject: Re: Newbie Calling

Hi John, and welcome to the forum lots of lovely guys on here, all got one or the other type of arthritis. Always someone to talk to on here. You can come and moan all you like we dont mind I think you will always find someone who can help with any questions or info. Take Care.
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