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Date: 09.10.2010
From: Charlotte

Subject: Looking for answers

Hi I am 30 years old. I was diagnosed with RA in March 2010 I was put on Salazyprin. My most recent flare up has been unbearable. After seeing consultant this week they have given me another steroid injection to control the pain etc to get me through my wedding in a couple of weeks.

They are talking about having methotrexate but are reluctant as i would like children. So going back in December to discuss further

I am trying to find out why this has happened. Since 1999 i have had 3 mini strokes and was treated and operated for inappropriate sinus tachicardia. 2 years after all clear i have RA.

My parents are in 51 and are well. Dad diabetic. Mum had alopecia 15 years ago.

On reading about alopecia this is caused by immune system imbalance... is this linked do you think??? Was my heart probelm do to with RA??

If any one can help or share a story similar to mine it would be much apprciated.

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Date: 09.10.2010
From: davina

Subject: Re: Looking for answers

Hi there sorry to hear your problems it sounds like you have had a tough time.
congratulations on your wedding hope you have a fab time (i'm sure you will.)

i to want another baby my boy is 16 months now but had a tough time also got a large Hernia and waiting surgery hopefully in the next 8 wks or sooner.

I understand your reluctant to take methotrexate but for me i had to sort myself out for a lil while for my son. i just hope it doesn't effect my fatility.
hope you get some answers sorry if i didn't help and just chated on.
good luck.x
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Date: 10.10.2010
From: cathy

Subject: Re: Looking for answers

Hi charlotte I have RA and AS and have been on methotrexate but it did not work for me so i am no longer on it. Its a big decision to make but there are other options.
Also look up auto immune disease on the internet there are so many and alopecia is one of them and i am sure diabetes is also. My dad has diabetes and my mum has Crohn's disease which is auto immune. You just need something to trigger it off.
Good luck with your wedding hope you feel better for the big day.
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Date: 12.10.2010
From: Charlotte

Subject: Re: Looking for answers

Thanks to you both for your comments

Will start doing some research

Looking forward to the big day now that steriod injections have kicked in
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Date: 13.10.2010
From: Rach

Subject: Re: Looking for answers

Hi Charlotte

Sorry to hear you have RA. It is an autoimmune disease so I reckon it is probably linked. I was diagnosed with RA in July and they put me on methotrexate and steroids. I am now off the steroids but the MTX has made all the difference for me. I still get the aches and pains but generally feel fine. I have a 21 month old son so I wanted to be able to do things for him. You still feel tired on the meds but its great actually being able to get out of bed in the mornings. The MTX works for some but not for others. You need to be off it for 6 months + before you start trying for children.

Good luck with the wedding!
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