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Date: 05.10.2010
From: Teresa

Subject: Plaquenil! Anyone give me any advice on this please?

Hi all, after some discussion with the rheumy nurse about how afraid I was to take MTX, they have agreed to let me try Plaquenil instead. They have done a blood test to test for a marker to see if I will be more likely to suffer from joint damage. I was told that if the test comes back positive they really want me to take the MTX, but for now I can give this other one a go.
Has anyone got any experience of this dmard that could tell me its not to bad lol
Take care all x
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Date: 05.10.2010
From: KayJay

Subject: Re: Plaquenil! Anyone give me any advice on this please?

Hi Teresa I have been on Plaquenil since March. I've had new swellings in that time but not so many just lately. I see the Rheumie next month and will tell him about this but my right foot is hurting a lot more than it used to. So whether I would have had more damage without the Plaquenil is anybodies guess I suppose. The experts say to give it at least 6 months to work. I,ve had no side effects with Plaquenil [ apart from feeling a bit sick at first ] but they have to be used with caution if you are Diabetic [ as I am ] so we have to check our blood sugar level more often. Also the eyes should be checked - BUT my Rheumie says you have to have been taking this dmard a very long time to do any damage.
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